October 2015


Our Connected Communities events

Memories of Connected Communities events in Ruthin, Manchester and Newcastle

September 2015


Recruitment and data collection - behind the scenes in North Wales

Travelling 13,000 miles to recruit and collect data on participants in North Wales

August 2015


Today has given enthusiasm to take this forward

Reflections from a Dementia and Imagination research project event at the Ruthin Craft Centre in June 2015 - one of three events we organised as part of this year's Connected Communities Festival


Doris and Ivor

Research Artist Carol Hanson describes how Doris and Ivor first appeared

June 2015


Observations from a student Occupational Therapist

A student Occupational Therapist reflects on what she observed at some of the art interventions in an NHS assessment unit in Derbyshire

April 2015


Through the eyes of a Research Artist

Research Artist Penny Klepuszewska on how she has approached working in an NHS assessment unit

January 2015


Two cultures of Dementia and Imagination

Beyond translation. Can we create a shared, new cross disciplinary research culture?

December 2014


Unexpected Outcomes

From chromatic piano accordion to volunteer curator - the power of creativity to 'open doors.'


November 2014


Meeting the Criticisms

How we're addressing research issues like sample size and control groups