The role of the visual arts in the resilience of people living with dementia in care homes

         Published in Ageing and Society June 2018


The impact of a visual arts program on quality of life, communication and wellbeing of people living with dementia: a mixed methods longitudinal investigation.

         Published in International Psychogeriatrics, November 2017

         You can also find a summary of the research here.


Exploring the theoretical foundations of visual arts programmes for people living with dementia.

          Published in Dementia, September 2017

          You can also find a summary of the research here.


Presentations at the British Society of Gerontology Conference

         The Impact lifecycle of our research study was presented at the BSG conference in early  

         July 2017 by Dr  Catrin Hedd and Dr Teri Howson-Griffiths, on behalf of the research team

        - as part of a Dementia and Imagination symposium, alongside presentations by Dr Gill Windle

        and Professor Andrew Newman.


        Presentations in Lithuania and Ireland

Director of Arts for Health, Clive Parkinson gave two keynote speeches about Dementia & Imagination at The National Gallery of Art, Lithuania and the Butler Gallery in Kilkenny, where he presented, Artists as Inspiration - Artists as Researchers.

His presentation shared aural and visual outputs from the research project and disseminated the Project Handbook. The photo below is from the event in Vilnius and Clive is second from the left.

Presentations in Lithuania and Ireland

Arts and Science combine for dementia care

          This was the title of an article about our research in Arts Professional in June 2017.


Dementia and Imagination: Research informed approaches to Visual Arts programmes

            Launched at the Sharing Dementia and Imagination event on 31st January 2017.


Dementia and Imagination: a mixed methods protocol for arts and science research 

Published in BMJ Open, November 2016.


Carrying out research across the arts and humanities and social sciences: developing the methodology for Dementia and Imagination

Published in Cultural Trends, October 2016. 


Festival of Behaviour Change

The Pontio Centre, Bangor University May 2016

Dr Catrin Hedd Jones provided an overview of the research; and Lisa Carter provided an opportunity to take part in a hands-on art session. Responses were collated on Storify.   


Evaluating the impact of visual art with people living with dementia

May 2015 – The Museum of Liverpool

A  presentation by Dr Catrin Hedd Jones at the Dementia Action Alliance national quarterly meeting, held on the 20th May. This included:

  • How can visual arts interventions contribute to the creation of dementia friendly communities.
  • Identification of the ‘active ingredient’ in a visual arts programme
  • Preparation of a draft Handbook – Foundations for Excellent Socially Engaged Visual Arts Practice
  • Progress so far, including examples of art work and comments from participants; and the next steps.


Living well with Dementia through the Arts in North Wales

April 2015 - Bangor University  

Dr Gill Windle discussed the methodological challenges of conducting this type of research.

Teri Howson gave a participant case study

Dr Carys Jones explained why health economics matter and the methods being used to evaluate this for Dementia and Imagination


Social return on investment analysis of an art group for people with dementia

November 2014 – The Lancet (Vol. 384, Page S43) 

Publication of abstract from a presentation in Glasgow by Dr Carys Jones: Carys Jones C, Edwards RT & Windle G on behalf of the Dementia and Imagination research team. 


Long live Arts

October 2014 – Baring Foundation Conference, London

Anna Goulding was invited as a speaker to the 'Long Live Arts' conference as part of an expert panel. The conference looked at different approaches across Europe in older people's participation in the arts.

The discussion from the conference will inform two further events: the European conference Long Live Arts on 21 and 22 May 2015 in The Hague, and the adoption of the EU convention on Older People and Cultural Participation in May 2016 in Brussels.


Inter-disciplinary methodologies for understanding the impact of creative activities

September 2014  - British Society of Gerontology (BSG) Annual Conference Symposium, Southampton University

Dr Gill Windle presented Developing a visual arts intervention and Andrew Newman presented Understanding the impact of creative activities on older adults using qualitative methods.

The symposium helped raise consideration of raising the profile and understanding of the use of arts activities with older people, for instance through performances or workshops. This will become a key area of focus at the 2015 conference


           Presentation to the Board of the Executive Care Group

            September 2014 - Newcastle

Andrew Newman addressed the Board of the Executive Care Group, as they were interested in using the methods of the intervention employed in one of their care homes across the range – aiming for consistency of approach.


Valuing the Wider Economic Benefits of an Art Project for People with Dementia

August 2014 – Nordic Health Economists Study Group, Reykjavik, Iceland

Dr Carys Jones presented a paper on the Dementia and Imagination study. The paper outlined the economic evaluation of the project using Social Return on Investment Analysis. The conference was attended by participants from across Europe with an interest in health economics. The focus of the conference was on health economics methodology rather than disseminating completed work.


Welsh language care for people with dementia

May 2014 – Radio Cymru

Catrin Hedd Jones spoke on the early morning programme on Radio Cymru, presented by Dylan Jones on 22nd May 2014. Catrin spoke about the research and the first group at the study's Denbighshire site. This was a special radio programme discussing dementia in Wales and the availability of Welsh language care for people living with dementia. Catrin also spoke about welsh research materials, translation and welsh medium researchers.


Dementia and Imagination

March 2014 -   Research in Specialist and Elderly Care Conference, Menai Bridge, Anglesey

Dr Gill Windle was invited to speak about the Dementia and Imagination study and this helped raise the profile of the research with local stakeholders.

Our research explained - Interview with Dr Gill Windle

What are we researching, why, where and how?