Welcome to the Research Team

Project Team photoHere we are at a workshop at the Dementia Services Development Centre.

And here are some of the researchers you can see in the photo, alongside the Lead Investigators:

Anna Goulding

Research Associate,  School of Arts and Cultures, Newcastle University
Anna’s recent research has included looking at the role of creative interventions in developing connectivity and resilience in older people; lifelong learning in the gallery; the impact of engaging with art on older people.  Her work has fed into the development of research informed arts policies and interventions to improve the lives of older people.
With a background in gallery education, Anna is keen that research has a practical application and helps provide quality experiences for users. She has been actively involved in the development of Dementia and Imagination from an early stage, as a member of the management team. 

Teri Howson

Research Project Support Officer,  DSDC Bangor University

Teri is in the final weeks of completing her PhD in theatre at Bangor University. Her work has involved a provocative analysis of participation in contemporary theatre, with particular focus on therapeutic performances and the ethical considerations of audience interaction.

Teri hopes to further explore boundaries between theatre and therapy and uses of Immersive techniques in a health care setting in the future.

Katherine Taylor

Research Associate, Arts for Health Manchester Metropolitan University

Katherine is a recently qualified clinical psychologist. She has worked in a Memory Assessment service using neuropsychological assessments to assess and diagnose dementias and has also worked with older adults therapeutically in an Older Adult Community Mental Health Team.

Her research prior to clinical training, at Manchester University and Lancaster University, focused on different aspects of mental health, including exploring the links between extreme mood states and creativity and the influence of engaging in art as part of a mental health recovery process.

Carys Jones

Research Officer,  CHEME Bangor University

Carys completed her PhD in quality of life measurement for carers of people with dementia in 2012. She then became a Research Officer at the Centre for Health Economics and Medicines Evaluation (CHEME).

Carys has worked on a number of projects closely focusing on dementia and aging. These include: a study of an e-learning package in care homes to help care planning for people with dementia, a cohort study of family carers of people with dementia living in the community, and a trial of self-management for people in the early stages of dementia.

Catrin Hedd Jones

Research Officer, DSDC Bangor University 
Catrin completed her PhD evaluation of a group based parenting programme at the Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention, Bangor. Since joining the Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) she has been involved in research projects focusing on transitions later in life as people enter retirement or learn to live well with dementia.
Catrin has led the recruitment and data collection in the North Wales site of the Dementia and Imagination study. She has also been responsible for training and analysis of the systematic observational data, maintaining the NISCHR portfolio and translation of dementia measures from English to Welsh. With experience in facilitation, Catrin enjoys the opportunities to support knowledge transfer between the university and community partners.
This is a good place to also mention the valuable contribution of

Iona Strom 

DSDC Projects Secretary
Iona joined The Dementia Services Development Centre in February 2013, having previously worked in both the public and private sectors.  
She provides administrative support for the Lifestyle Matters project, CFAS Wales and Dementia & Imagination.


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