Launch of the Denbighshire study

It’s a great feeling knowing we have now got the first group established. We’re looking forward to our visits to evaluate the group members as they take part over the twelve week programme.

Recruitment for participants in the Denbighshire area has been with those living in the community. We would like to thank the following for their support in raising awareness and helping us to recruit participants to the study:

  • GP practices in the Rhyl and Prestatyn area i.e. Clarence House Medical Centre, Lakeside practice, Madryn House and Park House – all of whom sent out letters of invitation.
  • The National Institute for Social Care and Health Research Clinical Research Centre (NISCHR CRC) and NEURODEM for their support.
  • The memory clinic staff at Glan Traeth Day Hospital who have been excellent - with enthusiastic support too from the Alzheimer’s Society, and Elderly Mental Health team Denbighshire Social Services, Young onset Dementia Support group.
  • The North East Wales Carers Information Support (NEWCIS), who publicised the research in their newsletter sent to 2000 carers.

To further raise awareness an article was published in the local paper and I have spoken on the radio about the study.

The first meeting included 13 of the first 20 people interested in taking part who had consented to join the study. The first group has now met twice and there is a warm supportive atmosphere with the enthusiasm of all those present evident from the laughs and smiles around the table.

In response to the level of interest we have decided to offer the second group in the same location in September and are currently arranging home visits with those who have shown an interest.

Many thanks to all involved.

Catrin Hedd Jones      

July 2014




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